Intersections, sinusoidal curves and tangents between art, landscape, and technology.

    Reports from a stringer’s strange and lonesome travails. This log offers a 360x view of the urban landscape in Rome for the next three months.

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Neighborhood Design/Build Studio 2012

While finishing up my thesis this past spring, my application to Steve Badanes Design Build Studio was accepted! Jordan Bell and I were the sole landscape students to receive a spot in this competitive studio. Over the course of 11 weeks, a class of 18 architecture and landscape students designed, fabricated and built a structure … Continue reading

Experimenting in Public Space: New Technologies & Making in Seattle’s Landscape Architecture

I’m co-curating, designing and installing an exhibit this month (May-June 2012) at AIA Seattle. It will cover both new and well known Seattle Landscape Architecture projects in a different light. This is a smaller exhibit that will feed into the larger exhibit that I worked on this past winter (From Gas Works Park to Pop-Up … Continue reading

Is Drawing Dead?

Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Yve Ludwig recently designed this poster for the YSOA (Yale School of Architecture)’s Spring Symposia entitled Is Drawing Dead? A subject near and dear to my thesis. The list of speakers include Antione Picon (GSD) and Sir Peter Cook (Royal Academy of Arts), among many others. Pentagram designed the poster “using … Continue reading

Breaking Winter

I’ve returned unscathed from the Mediterranean… Well, apparently it softened me up as now I’m a huge wimp when it comes to the wet cold of my rainfed homeland. Portland’s 38° (down right balmy weather for New York winters of yore) cuts me down to the bone. Runs in the forest have been downright painful. … Continue reading

Impervious Portland

Tomlinson hopped on the GIS machine to map the impervious surfaces of Portland (red denotes pervious in the above raster). Dig Studio is ramping up, after the final site selection: The Willamette River—trajectories of Ross Island to Portland Harbor. The string of superfund sites, active working landscapes, drosscape and the future abandonment of the the Albina … Continue reading

Decoding the Tiber

:// DATA POOLS LOOKING SOUTH TO ARSENALE Pools reflect toxicity testing results from up & down stream along the Tiber’s sickly edge. Pool colors are thus mutable & temporal, changing seasonally, monthly and perhaps daily. ROME STUDIO Directive: “How do you design a museum dedicated to a subject that is constantly in flux? – a … Continue reading

Ah, mid-reviews

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of trips and assignments. Barely time to breathe or, in my case, catch a Lazio match… or visit with Martin who visited just 8 short days. The cold that’s going around studio hit me Friday quite hard and I’m still reeling. A semi-succinct recap: We received our … Continue reading

Cinque Terre

Just a few weeks ago I was in Cinque Terre, hunting for piped stream beds underground, rushing under our feet through layers of basalt and concrete. The towns are set on steep cliffs and hillsides, spilling down into the Ligurian Sea. A few cohorts and I made it three towns over the cliffside path to … Continue reading

Transects, Multiple Narratives of the Tiber

We were assigned transects of Rome last week to track by foot in order to record our investigations in a booklet format (presented both digitally and in print). I’m working with two generous architecture grads as well as a second year MLA. I’ll post a full recording next week (map of transect and run down … Continue reading

Interlude, Perfecting The 60 Second Scribble

Note: Stick to profiles, striations and voids. Avoid .005 pens and obsessive attention to detail. Hunting down fountains in Sienna, piped tributaries in Cinque Terre, and Medici facades in Pisa on the trip north left brief moments for reflection and scribbling. Here are a few of the more successful studies frantically etched during pauses and … Continue reading